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A famous Proverb Says,“ Two heads are better than one.” And if these heads are of a Husband and a Wife teaming up, it is like icing on the cake.


Born and brought up in a Business Class family and carrying 28 years of Corporate & Entrepreneurship experience, starting from owning a small Electronics Store to working with top Corporate Real Estate & Retail brands, Neeraj Singhal who is the Founder & CEO of Frantail, said, “We have learned over the years to recognise each other's strengths and opportunities so that we know when it's best to lead and when it's best to be led. Spouses who run companies together must understand and accept that there is no such thing as a ‘work/life balance ‘— it’s all just ‘life’ when you own a company. We made a choice to be entrepreneurs and business owners and with that come tremendous freedoms but also a higher commitment to do whatever it takes. Because we both understand that concept, we are both more understanding when it comes to the other having to work late or on the weekends.”


The Co-founder and COO of Frantail, Gunjita Singhal who is holding experience of more than 15 years in Real estate and Banking sector says, “The success key is having strong, open dialogue with your spouse every day. We’ve learned how to separate the workload and recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We do our best to limit business conversations in the evenings at home because that is family time. Once the kids are in bed, we are often backing on our laptops, but that is by choice because we are passionate about our Company.

Though carrying a huge combined professional experience, we still are excited as a child for working hands in hands with every brand, may it be opening of a new brand Store to assisting new & young entrepreneurs launching their new venture by helping them build their brand.

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